Daniel K. 

I grew up always visiting California every time we have a vacation. However, I didn’t know about South Park in San Diego which made me curious about it. One time, when I heard it from a friend, I searched it up and saw that the place has a very nice feel and looks quite interesting. People often say that it’s so nice and calming at South Park so it made me want to visit the place too. This was why I took the moment I was free from work and made my way to California. I was alone but I didn’t mind. Besides, the place was indeed relaxing so it was such a great time to be free from stress. 


Andrea G. 

My boyfriend brought me to this place which wasn’t exactly familiar to me. But going to this place was actually a nice idea because my boyfriend and I got to spend our time alone while chilling out and relaxing at the same time. It gives off such a good ambiance and not to mention that the places are so great especially the restaurants! I will make sure to visit this place again next time, and I’ll try to invite my friends and family! 


Justin S. 

I already went to this place years ago and the recent one was just a few weeks ago when my friends dragged me. At first, I was expecting to see the park just like before but I was wrong. I like the fact that they didn’t change anything on the historical buildings but they made it look fresh and welcoming. The improvements were superb and I would never imagine that they have done it in just a few years. The people handling this place are so good, I hope they keep up the good work.