South Park of San Diego, California was originally built between 1906 and 1930’s which really tells how long it has been and how historic it is. However, the place itself will clearly show you the historical part of it once you visit. It was standing long before and it has been in California for a century. This is why it is already considered a historical and beautiful place. But then, with the fear that the place may be destroyed, some residents rallied together to take care of its maintenance and operation, in order to preserve this area. 

There were many things that were built in South Park in just a few years, but the good thing is, it didn’t damage the historical features of San Diego. It actually defined the South Park more and only attracted more people especially tourists. The people in the area actually did not expect the arrival of tourists. The people who ran this place only thought of improving the area, but what they did not really see coming was the influx of people. But it was a good thing because it spurred the economy of the area. 

Because of that, they were encouraged to build more places that people can enjoy such as the pubs, shops, stores, restaurants, and many more. However, they made sure that all historical buildings and artifacts are preserved. Even if they do something with the historical spots, they will only maintain it or make it stand out without losing its original grandeur. 

The people of South Park, San Diego are still working on a lot more improvements. They want South Park to be more appealing to people. But right now, they are happy to make other people relaxed because of the place they have treasured, kept safe and maintained.